Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is Me

My experiences make me the woman I am. All the love I've shared, the losses I've had, the moments of truth, the knowledge I've gained, even the pain...I will not be consumed by fear, but I will if I need to..shed some tears.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Baby Girls

I wrote this poem many years ago, when my daughters were little...I am so glad to still have these words of mine to read and bring me back to what seemed like yesterday! Yesterday when there was a such thing in my world as nap time, mommy and me playgroups, diaper bags, breastfeeding, and nightly wakings ;)...Now, it's nap time once in a while, reading chapter books, long walks, lengthy talks, giggles and nail-painting, movie nights with mommy and daddy and drawing until bedtime...While I do appreciate the fact that although my daughters are older now and a little more independent than say 5 years ago, I have noticed the subtle but inevitable changes...I don't have a baby and a toddler anymore, I have an 8 and almost 11 year old! I have to pinch myself sometime because it is just so perplexing how fast time flies...I have such a better understanding now of why my mother wanted to hold on to me just a little longer...because she knew that one day I would spread my wings, still crumpled yet ready to unfold and soar through the sky!

I dedicate this to my daughters...
Baby Girls are my world...
beautiful smiles and wispy curls...thinkin' about my baby girls.
Hoping and trying my hardest to be the best mother to them for Eternity.
Listening, laughing and calming their fears, can't forget wiping away tears. I'm
Giving the Creator thanks for bestowing upon me, my girls Kaiyah and Leilani...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seasons of Love

You are my summer’s heat, your energy warms me from crown to feet. You are my Autumn breeze...whispering in my ear with each sway of the trees. You are my stillness in winter, when I’m cold, it’s you I want to squeeze. You are my spring rain, every cool drop against my skin calls my name.


I write to free my innermost thoughts…to express myself, to flow, to paint images with my words…to expose my soul.
My experiences make me the woman I am. All the love I’ve shared, the losses I’ve had, the moments of truth, the knowledge I’ve gained, even the pain…

When I write

One by one words begin to flow from my mind and line my paper, slowly forming my thoughts in stores, poems and reality...