Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love Pangs

What do I do with these thoughts of you? I don't know what to do, I think I'm in Love with you...I want to awaken your senses, touch every spot on you and see what it does to you...What will happen when I plant soft kisses behind your knees? I want to see passion overtake you so strong that you beg "please" when what your're really saying is please feel free to make a mess of me...Love me all over just don't let this be over-us on a high the sky can't even fathom. Nothing from that point on could ever just be random, every action, every look, every touch would have meaning, like I desire you, feel you, connect with you so deeply...because you allow me to give, to love, to just be me...


My mind travels sometime to a place deep within where I have never been before, but I find myself wanting more...of what could be. If I could just be me...allow my desires to surface and become reality-a part of me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cherish the day, the hour and the minute

I cherish today, I woke up okay...I saw my little girls sleeping in their beds and I smiled and rubbed their little heads...I thought of just how blessed I am, to still be alive and have a another day to live this life...I'm blessed because the love in my heart is growing ever so strongly...for the simple things, that mean more to me than any material gain...like the sound of my Mother's laugh, the clear blue sky so high, reflecting the vastness of this Universe...in which I can give and share love abundantly...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rain drops outside my window

The rain pours outside my window and drops hitting the lake resembles thousands of tiny wings fluttering simultaneously. I enjoy the beating sound the rain makes as it escapes from the sky. I'm watching the trees sway as the wind rushes through...thunder rumbles far off in the distance and lightening streaks up the sky...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life's game plan

I don't feel very valued by you, I feel as if you ridicule all I do...or even don't do. Our relationship is on the decline, must be some kinda fault of mine. I was too loud, I didn't let your words be heard...I should have apologized. I didn't realize I offended you, yet again. It seems I can't keep count of the offenses that have mounted and created a mountain between us. We fuss, we fight but passion overtakes us and brings us to the light, once more, now who's keeping score? We have temporary amnesia for a little while but it won't last cuz that's just our style...Not me though, not anymore, I give that up, I don't want to keep score..I want to stay in bliss like a memorable first kiss and keep smiling inside out with no regrets and no doubt. Life will be new for me this very minute, I plan to live it whether or not you are in it...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Utterances of She

My womb began to stir, the familiar yet not as strong feeling of contractions held me still for a while...I groaned a little and went inside this feeling...I thought of pregnancy, orgasms, love and releasing and I began to feel the pains disappear, I also felt more releasing as my womb cleansed herself of this months worries, doubts, fears and insecurites via my cycle. I felt more contracting and life-blood leaving my womb and I released...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Writing is my passion

So I have decided that what I need to do right now is write more...I have so much to say and I have to write to keep up with all of my thoughts. I owe it to myself to use my writing as a release for all of the things that have been going on in my life...I have big plans to become a full time writer...I think I have been trying to make excuses as to why I couldn't "possibly" write full time only...I need to work, I have to have undisturbed time, I have to make dinner, I have to make a call, I have to check the status of my resume on that website...yeah that's all good, but is it really making me feel fulfilled? To an extent it is but I want to free up and be who I was called to be...I have realized that I have to be me, others may not understand my choices at the moment but that is okay because I cannot live to please others...It's time to focus on what I want to see happen in my life and believe with all my heart and soul that it will manifest...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

So many thoughts

I wish I could settle on what to write about, but right now, my thoughts are scattered- like leaves blowing on a windy day...I have so much to say, where do I begin? Should this next piece have a beginning and an end? Or should I just let my thoughts roll on through, let them spill from my mind to my hand, to my fingers, to my pen...to my journal, or my notebook...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Wonder

What draws us to books? What makes us want to read certain books? Perhaps it's the message in the book, whether it's non-fiction or fiction. The title, the cover, a picture or the subject tends to grab our attention and we feel attached to what we are reading. Perhaps the writer has wrote something so profound that we feel compelled to continue turning the pages. I feel like that when I read, like I have to keep going to see what the author is trying to convey in the book...I want my writings to reach across the boundaries of ordinary-I like extraordinary writings, poems that stay on my mind like someone I love...
There are so many books and publications on so many subjects ranging from Astrology to Zebras! How could we not want to read??!!! We could choose to go to a bookstore or library and just veg out on books and learning more about whatever we want! I guess the passion in me for reading and writing gets the best of me at times ;)...And likewise as a writer, it's a world of topics to write about; personal experiences, history, parenting, cooking, poetry, relationships, spirituality and so much more...The best thing to do is start from the heart, if we are quiet enough, we can hear the message we are supposed to share with others through our words. So, I plan to listen and write...


I feel so good when I laugh and vibe with you, watching the things that you do-on any given day that you are doing what makes you "you." The way you are lighting up as you speak, the way you act when it's just you and me...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Emotions and Evaluating

I have been doing some major "spring cleaning" in my life and I'm talking more than just clothes that I don't wear anymore. I have been in the process of letting go of old habits, mindsets and even evaluating my relationships to see if I have "outgrown" any of them...So much is going on in my life right now and I feel that if I can just free up some extra space, I can allow myself to make room for things that will begin to enrich my soul and my life undoubtedly. My emotions have not been so haywire because I am learning how to express myself in healthier ways...A book that I am just about finished reading titled: "Living Beyond Your Feelings" by Joyce Meyer has been a real anchor for me. I say that mostly because I really did have issues with how to express my emotions in a healthier way. Especially anger and sadness...which I have experienced in many ways recently. I am also learning how to forgive, not that I didn't know how to before, but I have begun to embrace it for what it is. Forgiveness is like strength to my soul and each time I forgive, I become stronger.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ode to the moon

"I can see the full moon tonight, shining with so much intensity...forcing me to search inside my soul for answers to my innermost questions...it's energy awakens me and my very being...leading me to what I'm needing to guide me through this pivotal time when I'm so connected to the moon's fullness"...
The words in this poem are a tribute to the power of the full moon and how it impresses upon us as women. Our cycles are in sync with the moon and it's waxing and waning periods. Magnified; the moon even resembles an egg, just like the single egg we release every month during ovulation. I take time just to gaze out my window at the moon, especially when it is full, I can't help but to be mesmerized by it. How perfectly round and full the moon is, and I take time to reflect on the previous month and what guidance I may receive for the coming month.
The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon. ~ Jean Ingelow

Monday, May 14, 2012

In love with locs

Deciding to grow my locs was a huge decision for me regarding my hair. Was I ready? Did I realize that they would be a permanent part of my life unless I decided to cut them? Yes, I was ready and yes I knew that they would be a permanent part of my life, and I was just fine with that. I have never felt so right about a decision as I have with the decision to loc my hair. I have had my locs now for about 5 years and this was not the first time I decided to grow them. I started growing them initially almost 10 years ago but cut them after about 4 years and just grew my hair out for about 2 years before I decided to loc my hair again. During that two year hiatus, I wore my hair in an afro, twists or up in a bun. I took my time to enjoy the natural texture of my hair, how it felt in my hands, the softness and the thickness of it. It would take me hours to settle on a style for my hair during that time and even longer to complete the style! But I enjoyed taking time to oil my scalp, part my hair and twist or braid it up as my mother had done for me when I was a little girl sitting between her lap waiting for her to finish "doing" my hair. However, all too soon this became quite a process for me, especially with two little girls in tow! Not only was I responsible for my hair, but their little heads needed to be done too! I knew that I was beginning to yearn to feel locs against my face again so I began to prepare myself to grow them. One day, I stood in the mirror and sectioned my hair into little squares all over my head like I usually did when I planned to twist it. Only this time, I would not be taking these twists out! It was a tedious process, but as I twisted the last little piece of my hair, I felt excited about growing my locs again. It took almost 4 months for my hair to form into locs, which to me seemed like forever but it was so worth it...I have had my hair in almost every style since I was a girl...a perm, braids, a bob, locs, afro and now locs again but for good this time ;)...I look at my hair and I truly feel like I'm "in my element" with locs. When I sleep, I feel them brush against my cheeks at night, when I run, I feel them bounce against my back, when I go swim at the beach they drink up the ocean water and cool my skin with a steady stream of water, and when the sun hits them, they shine....And so do I!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My trip to Tallahassee

In March, I took a trip to Tallahassee by Greyhound and it was just so exhilarating! I am a traveler by nature and I have always enjoyed road trips, flying, and train rides to different places. I enjoy taking in all aspects of traveling, especially getting to my destination! Although I've lived in Tallahassee before, it had been awhile since I had been up for a visit. On the way there (and back), I met some interesting people, I saw one of the hugest rainbows I had ever seen in my life that made my spirit smile and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I planned to stay with one of my best friends and her family during my visit in Tallahassee, so I was definitely looking forward to what fun the weekend would bring! It was so quiet, yet so familiar when I arrived. Some of my closest friendships were started years ago when I lived here in Tallahassee and alot of my girlfriends still live here so it was just so special to connect with them again. We stayed up late talking, listening to music, and reminiscing about special memories that meant so much to us. Just driving down certain streets brought me back to a time when I would drive these roads with my girls in tow, bumping Jill Scott in the minivan, going to parks, the library, or just to vibe with friends. I really let myself absorb the peacefulness of this city that is not so prevalent in South Florida. I was able to relax, recharge and enjoy seeing familiar faces that I remember so well. During my visit we went shopping together, listened to some live reggae music, ate at a quaint little vegan restaurant while enjoying some of the best reuben sandwiches I had ever tasted in my life! I followed my sandwich with a large chocolate chip cookie that was just too big for me and begging to be shared ;)...This trip also opened my eyes to just how important it is for me and women as a whole to maintain those close friendships with our girlfriends. We need each other's energy and support to keep us going. It's so important to have that irreplaceable connection with each other as the sisters we are. My visit ended all too soon, I wanted to be there for a week, a month; even although my family would probably have missed me. I decided that next time I go, I will bring my girls with me so that they could see some of their old playmates they've had since they were babies. But this time it was a much needed "Lisa" retreat :)...I love that I have examples of true friendship that my girls can observe because I feel that next to your family, your friends can be just as close to your heart.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ethereal You

The ethereal you, shining like a precious jewel...Smilin' deep down inside, you cannot hide it, so don't even try it...Because Love is You

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is Me

My experiences make me the woman I am. All the love I've shared, the losses I've had, the moments of truth, the knowledge I've gained, even the pain...I will not be consumed by fear, but I will if I need to..shed some tears.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Baby Girls

I wrote this poem many years ago, when my daughters were little...I am so glad to still have these words of mine to read and bring me back to what seemed like yesterday! Yesterday when there was a such thing in my world as nap time, mommy and me playgroups, diaper bags, breastfeeding, and nightly wakings ;)...Now, it's nap time once in a while, reading chapter books, long walks, lengthy talks, giggles and nail-painting, movie nights with mommy and daddy and drawing until bedtime...While I do appreciate the fact that although my daughters are older now and a little more independent than say 5 years ago, I have noticed the subtle but inevitable changes...I don't have a baby and a toddler anymore, I have an 8 and almost 11 year old! I have to pinch myself sometime because it is just so perplexing how fast time flies...I have such a better understanding now of why my mother wanted to hold on to me just a little longer...because she knew that one day I would spread my wings, still crumpled yet ready to unfold and soar through the sky!

I dedicate this to my daughters...
Baby Girls are my world...
beautiful smiles and wispy curls...thinkin' about my baby girls.
Hoping and trying my hardest to be the best mother to them for Eternity.
Listening, laughing and calming their fears, can't forget wiping away tears. I'm
Giving the Creator thanks for bestowing upon me, my girls Kaiyah and Leilani...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seasons of Love

You are my summer’s heat, your energy warms me from crown to feet. You are my Autumn breeze...whispering in my ear with each sway of the trees. You are my stillness in winter, when I’m cold, it’s you I want to squeeze. You are my spring rain, every cool drop against my skin calls my name.


I write to free my innermost thoughts…to express myself, to flow, to paint images with my words…to expose my soul.
My experiences make me the woman I am. All the love I’ve shared, the losses I’ve had, the moments of truth, the knowledge I’ve gained, even the pain…

When I write

One by one words begin to flow from my mind and line my paper, slowly forming my thoughts in stores, poems and reality...