Saturday, January 30, 2016

Heart's Desires in 2016

It's a brand new year and a ripe time to sow some seeds...what do I want to do more of or begin this year?

My body is screaming for a dance class or two; it's time to move and feel the passion from being lost in the rhythm. I want to go camping with my daughters, sleep under the night sky after having looked at the stars through a telescope. Beginning a vegetable garden would be be a fun and fruitful project this Spring and harvesting towards the Fall would be bliss...nothing like eating what you have grown yourself in a salad or a soup...

...and what about learning to surf, or rock climbing or even snorkeling? I look forward to new ways of bringing excitement into my life. Earth is our playground and begs for gentle exploration, so why not do what my heart desires?


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My first Love...

Dear Google Blog,

I haven't forgotten about you...I promise. You have been waiting now for almost a year...waiting on me to pay attention to you. I've just been so busy, trying to create new pages and spaces for my writing to be seen. But I thank you for how patient you've been. I know without a doubt that I have more than enough journals to find some entries that I could share here and I will.

Before this year is over, I will have you up and running again. For there can never be enough blogs for a writer and you were my first creation. I started you when I went back to school, so at first you were necessary for a grade, but then I began to enjoy visiting my blog page and sharing my thoughts. So I started another Google blog, and two more since...It brings me so much enjoyment when I write...I feel so free, it is totally meant to be...Perhaps that is what I will do, add entries from time to time just so you won't feel neglected...look at me, talking to my blog...I promise I haven't lost my mind, it's just time is what I need, what I crave...and you are the beginning of so much that has transpired and so, I thank you...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stillness and writing

Here I am, up in the wee hours of the morning...writing, but very happy! I love the stillness of these hours, it seems that I am much more in tuned with my thoughts and can actually share them with ease. This is the best time to write. I would love to say that I wake up at this hour every morning to write, but often I am still asleep. I can change though! Lately, I have felt the desire to put more of a schedule into place when it comes to writing. It is a need and an outlet for me and I always feel so much better when I do it. "How sweet it is to express what is on my mind, no matter what the time."

And this is the beauty of writing, where there is a will there is always a truly doesn't take much for a spark to become a flame.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Limitless possibilities

I'm so happy about how things are falling into place in my life; not so long ago I felt like I needed clarity to figure out what my next move was. I didn't feel like things were moving fast enough or in my favor. It seemed like there was a whirlwind of doubt surrounding me, and I was getting antsy.
It happens that way though, for when we can't see the whole picture, we feel helpless. What I needed to do was be still and know that everything would be fine. I sensed peace in the back of my mind, and the more I rested in it, I began to see things more clearly. But why did I worry? I know now that my life is full of tests and I have to choose how I will respond, sometime it's so much easier said than done, but my response now to things I cannot always control shows me how much I've grown...I love the growth that has been taking place in my life for what it is doing is revealing a deeper part of my soul that has been hidden. But now it is time to shine and shine brighter than I ever have before...The sun feels that much warmer to me, the sky seems so much more limitless and the possibilities to experience more growth in my life are as endless as the sea.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Being me, fully...

I am right in the middle of some deep changes going on in my life...the growth I have been experiencing is like a refreshing breeze on a sweltering day; energizing. Things that used to upset me easily don't hold any power over me, words I used to be afraid to express feel exceptionally good leaving my lips and I am enjoying an awareness about life that I had only dreamed of before. I have been learning so much about perspective, the power of my thoughts and how I choose to relay them. Maybe I am a bit more misunderstood by others these days, but that could be a good thing. Shedding my old skin is enabling me to grow from the restrictions I held onto; I finally feel like I can breathe a little easier as I journey on this new path of self discovery. There is still much work to be done, but I am ready for what lies ahead. I am open to getting to know what lies deep in my heart and soul. I can't fathom the need to control another or be controlled into what another person thinks I should be. I have played that role for many years, crying silent tears, wishing to be fully embraced for who I am but feeling too afraid to go there. Moments of clarity, intuitive insights, and time contemplating my journey has given me the boost that I needed to brave the winds of change. I made excuses, I gave myself more time but I couldn't be truly me when I wasn't in line with my destiny. I long to share my journey, my stories and my words with the world. It is not easy to accept such a task but knowing deep inside what I am being called to do, gives me the drive to push on through.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sistar Circle

I will represent a new type of internal sensuality among women; we will be fearless, uninhibited, in tuned with our mind, bodies and emotions, and our dreams will be lived out in bliss. I'm so thankful for all of the beautiful sisters in my cypher...from all walks of life. I am more blessed than I can even begin to realize to have so many strong, shining, unique Queens in my circle. They all INspire me in so many ways. I have learned something positive from each of these lovely souls. All of my Sistars have something within them that I see in myself...In essence, we are connected through Spirit no doubt. We are Sistars...let the boundaries fall forever, let us embrace each other where we are; let us come together near or far.