Monday, May 14, 2012

In love with locs

Deciding to grow my locs was a huge decision for me regarding my hair. Was I ready? Did I realize that they would be a permanent part of my life unless I decided to cut them? Yes, I was ready and yes I knew that they would be a permanent part of my life, and I was just fine with that. I have never felt so right about a decision as I have with the decision to loc my hair. I have had my locs now for about 5 years and this was not the first time I decided to grow them. I started growing them initially almost 10 years ago but cut them after about 4 years and just grew my hair out for about 2 years before I decided to loc my hair again. During that two year hiatus, I wore my hair in an afro, twists or up in a bun. I took my time to enjoy the natural texture of my hair, how it felt in my hands, the softness and the thickness of it. It would take me hours to settle on a style for my hair during that time and even longer to complete the style! But I enjoyed taking time to oil my scalp, part my hair and twist or braid it up as my mother had done for me when I was a little girl sitting between her lap waiting for her to finish "doing" my hair. However, all too soon this became quite a process for me, especially with two little girls in tow! Not only was I responsible for my hair, but their little heads needed to be done too! I knew that I was beginning to yearn to feel locs against my face again so I began to prepare myself to grow them. One day, I stood in the mirror and sectioned my hair into little squares all over my head like I usually did when I planned to twist it. Only this time, I would not be taking these twists out! It was a tedious process, but as I twisted the last little piece of my hair, I felt excited about growing my locs again. It took almost 4 months for my hair to form into locs, which to me seemed like forever but it was so worth it...I have had my hair in almost every style since I was a girl...a perm, braids, a bob, locs, afro and now locs again but for good this time ;)...I look at my hair and I truly feel like I'm "in my element" with locs. When I sleep, I feel them brush against my cheeks at night, when I run, I feel them bounce against my back, when I go swim at the beach they drink up the ocean water and cool my skin with a steady stream of water, and when the sun hits them, they shine....And so do I!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My trip to Tallahassee

In March, I took a trip to Tallahassee by Greyhound and it was just so exhilarating! I am a traveler by nature and I have always enjoyed road trips, flying, and train rides to different places. I enjoy taking in all aspects of traveling, especially getting to my destination! Although I've lived in Tallahassee before, it had been awhile since I had been up for a visit. On the way there (and back), I met some interesting people, I saw one of the hugest rainbows I had ever seen in my life that made my spirit smile and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I planned to stay with one of my best friends and her family during my visit in Tallahassee, so I was definitely looking forward to what fun the weekend would bring! It was so quiet, yet so familiar when I arrived. Some of my closest friendships were started years ago when I lived here in Tallahassee and alot of my girlfriends still live here so it was just so special to connect with them again. We stayed up late talking, listening to music, and reminiscing about special memories that meant so much to us. Just driving down certain streets brought me back to a time when I would drive these roads with my girls in tow, bumping Jill Scott in the minivan, going to parks, the library, or just to vibe with friends. I really let myself absorb the peacefulness of this city that is not so prevalent in South Florida. I was able to relax, recharge and enjoy seeing familiar faces that I remember so well. During my visit we went shopping together, listened to some live reggae music, ate at a quaint little vegan restaurant while enjoying some of the best reuben sandwiches I had ever tasted in my life! I followed my sandwich with a large chocolate chip cookie that was just too big for me and begging to be shared ;)...This trip also opened my eyes to just how important it is for me and women as a whole to maintain those close friendships with our girlfriends. We need each other's energy and support to keep us going. It's so important to have that irreplaceable connection with each other as the sisters we are. My visit ended all too soon, I wanted to be there for a week, a month; even although my family would probably have missed me. I decided that next time I go, I will bring my girls with me so that they could see some of their old playmates they've had since they were babies. But this time it was a much needed "Lisa" retreat :)...I love that I have examples of true friendship that my girls can observe because I feel that next to your family, your friends can be just as close to your heart.