Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Wonder

What draws us to books? What makes us want to read certain books? Perhaps it's the message in the book, whether it's non-fiction or fiction. The title, the cover, a picture or the subject tends to grab our attention and we feel attached to what we are reading. Perhaps the writer has wrote something so profound that we feel compelled to continue turning the pages. I feel like that when I read, like I have to keep going to see what the author is trying to convey in the book...I want my writings to reach across the boundaries of ordinary-I like extraordinary writings, poems that stay on my mind like someone I love...
There are so many books and publications on so many subjects ranging from Astrology to Zebras! How could we not want to read??!!! We could choose to go to a bookstore or library and just veg out on books and learning more about whatever we want! I guess the passion in me for reading and writing gets the best of me at times ;)...And likewise as a writer, it's a world of topics to write about; personal experiences, history, parenting, cooking, poetry, relationships, spirituality and so much more...The best thing to do is start from the heart, if we are quiet enough, we can hear the message we are supposed to share with others through our words. So, I plan to listen and write...

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