Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life's game plan

I don't feel very valued by you, I feel as if you ridicule all I do...or even don't do. Our relationship is on the decline, must be some kinda fault of mine. I was too loud, I didn't let your words be heard...I should have apologized. I didn't realize I offended you, yet again. It seems I can't keep count of the offenses that have mounted and created a mountain between us. We fuss, we fight but passion overtakes us and brings us to the light, once more, now who's keeping score? We have temporary amnesia for a little while but it won't last cuz that's just our style...Not me though, not anymore, I give that up, I don't want to keep score..I want to stay in bliss like a memorable first kiss and keep smiling inside out with no regrets and no doubt. Life will be new for me this very minute, I plan to live it whether or not you are in it...

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