Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My earth, moon and stars

Astrology is so amazing to me. I love to learn about my signs and the signs of those close to me. Before, it was curiosity that led me to explore what it means to be a Gemini. But it is so much more to it! Astrology is our "make up" basically a guide to our inward and outward personalities. I don't think I could see myself being anything other than a Gemini, well, maybe a Pisces...I identify with that sign extremely well and I feel that it is due to the fact that both signs exhibit duality. We are the signs with "two sides." With Geminis, our "other" side tends to show itself without hesitation, with Pisces though, one has to be patient to see their other side, as it may or may not be revealed! It truly depends on the person.

The Gemini in me is relentless when it comes to conversing about everything under the sun, meeting new people and learning about them...I have an insatiable desire to find out more, to read, to share my thoughts with those around me. I cannot go a day without filling my brain with some new information.
 My moon being in Leo gives me a protective nature especially with my children. I am very in tuned with my girls and I take my role as "Mama" very seriously. A Leo moon also creates a uniqueness in me. I like to stand out in a crowd, I like clothing that says, "Lisa" in it's own special way.  My pride is also easily wounded and I can be very defensive about what I feel deep inside, but it is all due to my big heart that wants to show love. I am also a very passionate person with Leo falling in my Mars as well.  I am learning how to channel that strong energy into healthy outlets for if I don't; it has the potential to be unleashed too abruptly.

 An abundance of sexual energy also resides deep within my soul being a moon in Leo woman but I consider it a gift. It is only recently that I have been coming into my own and accepting what makes me the fiery, intense woman that I am.  I was afraid of expressing my truest emotions for the longest time for fear of running folks away. Outpouring my love and devotion is how I have almost always approached my relationships, and many people could not handle my realness. This information was actually told to me by a beautiful sister who "read" my energy before. I was shocked that she could detect this about me so accurately. I knew that I had been so giving in my relationships and extremely open, but didn't always know why I didn't get the response I had been seeking. Many times, we will have aha moments when those close to us reveal something that they have noticed about us. We can either take that information and put it to good use or we can keep going on the familiar road, only sticking to what we know and are comfortable with. Sometime, it is good to get out of our comfort zones and explore what we thought we knew on a deeper level.

My ascendant or rising sign is in Virgo and it makes me somewhat analytical as well as a bit of a perfectionist. I find that I flit around and fuss over things until they are what I deem "perfect." But with age comes wisdom and I am learning that being perfect is something my ego wants, not my spirit. Before, I would question every thought, and relive every moment, wondering if something could have been done "better." I have definitely come a long way as far as being a perfectionist is concerned. I realized that I can't allow myself to agonize over my decisions and how I live my life.
I am still learning about the placement of my "houses" in my chart and I plan to learn more about Eastern,  African, Vedic, Chinese, Native American and other astrological practices. I do feel that I have uncovered so much about my astrological makeup and knowing much more than I did before about who I am has given me strength.

My Venus is in Cancer which makes me very clingy when it comes to love. When I love, I love deeply and FOREVER unless something happens that causes my heart to loose that love. Most of my relationships, especially with my friends, have lasted for more than a few years. Could my Venus in Cancer have anything to do with this pattern? Perhaps! I know that Cancer is a very intuitive, emotional and loving sign, yet it can also cause one to withdraw when things aren't going their way, at least for a little while until things feel "safe" again.

Lastly, but certainly not least! My Uranus happens to fall in Scorpio, knowing how determined and purposeful that I can be, it all seems to make perfect sense! I have read that this placement creates a strong drive, passion and sexual expression...very true for me...I find sexual release very fulfilling and I need it like I need water. I am very open and enjoy reading erotic literature, discussing sexuality, birth and other intimate topics amongst like-minded individuals. I also enjoy writing poetry about my experiences, my feelings, love, and intimacy. I tend to link spirituality and sexuality together in my poems; purposefully. The end results are usually more intense than I thought they would be, but nevertheless, my poems express the beauty in such a connection.

I have included a copy of my birth chart, which I retrieved from, it was fun reading it and identifying with what I knew and learning about what I didn't know.

 Planetary positions
planet sign degree
Sun Gemini 19°28'50 in house 9 direct
Moon Leo 13°39'22 in house 11 direct
Mercury Gemini 14°50'23 in house 9 direct
Venus Cancer 23°28'18 in house 10 direct
Mars Leo 28°09'56 in house 11 direct
Jupiter Cancer 11°12'27 in house 10 direct
Saturn Leo 25°27'42 in house 11 direct
Uranus Scorpio 12°59'09 in house 2 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 16°52'30 in house 3 retrograde
Pluto Libra 13°56'56 in house 1 retrograde
True Node Libra 2°16'43 in house 1 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Virgo 28°32'22
2nd House Libra 24°47'14
3rd House Scorpio 25°08'40
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 28°20'25
5th House Aquarius 1°34'50
6th House Pisces 2°04'03
Descendant Pisces 28°32'22
8th House Aries 24°47'14
9th House Taurus 25°08'40
Medium Coeli Gemini 28°20'25
11th House Leo 1°34'50
12th House Virgo 2°04'03

Major aspects
Sun Sextile Moon 5°49
Sun Conjunction Mercury 4°38
Sun Sextile Saturn 5°59
Sun Opposition Neptune 2°36
Sun Trine Pluto 5°32
Moon Sextile Mercury 1°11
Moon Square Uranus 0°40
Moon Trine Neptune 3°13
Moon Sextile Pluto 0°18
Mercury Quincunx Uranus 1°51
Mercury Opposition Neptune 2°02
Mercury Trine Pluto 0°53
Venus Sextile Ascendant 5°04
Mars Conjunction Saturn 2°42
Jupiter Trine Uranus 1°47
Jupiter Square Pluto 2°44
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°56

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