Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beckoning Dreams

I have realized I can only be away from what I truly desire but for so long...I miss being in the midst of birth, new mothers and that familiar energy surrounding sisterhood and working towards supporting women through birth. I have traveled many roads in my young life, trying out different jobs to see what fits, and nothing has made feel more at ease and at home than supporting mothers through birth as a doula and soon to be midwife. It is my calling, my desire and my dream. The more I think about what I really want to do in this life the more peace I feel within for really listening to my spirit. I have to drown out the commotion and the fear in an effort to keep my dream afloat. My heart is lifted, my hands long to write about my experiences on this road thus far and those to come.

Birth is the beginning and it is a journey worth traveling a lifetime for a woman like me. I long to share my stories with other women; of my own births, as well as supporting and advocating for all women. I can't explain the pull that seems to draw me in, but I do know that it makes sense to complete the journey I began years ago as a mother myself and later a postpartum and labor doula. I am a nurturer of new life; bliss and pure positive energy surrounds me when I am present for a birth or for a mother who has recently given birth. I love to listen to what she has to say about her birth, her new baby and how she defines herself. I learn from her and I take mental notes on this unique event in her life. I am blessed to be a part of something so transforming and beautiful.

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