Friday, November 8, 2013

Giving my writing the love it deserves

I could write nonstop from sun up to sun down; flowing on a trail of endless inspiration, especially when it hits me! But alas, I don't reside in the solitude of the mountains or on a secluded island, at least, not yet! While my girls are super awesome about giving me uninterrupted writing time, I need them to know that I am indeed here with them; even with the sometime engrossing process of writing.  I love that I can look out of my window to see the beautiful sky and how it changes from morning until evening. It tends to inspire me, as does the trees blowing a relaxing breeze through my windows. I really don't require much to feel that buzz, I am quite versatile when it comes to expressing my thoughts on paper; however, natural settings tend to heighten my creativity. Therefore; the beach, parks, and lakes get my creative juices flowing! I suppose it has to do with the serenity of such places.

Many times; I've been hit with an appealing idea to write about or an intriguing poem that forms perfectly in my mind and I'm scrambling to get it recorded while it's slowly but surely forming; line by line. I've often relied on memory to write down what I had been thinking just moments before, only to forget it when I finally do have paper and pen or my laptop in front of me! So I came up with a solution for my often unpredictable bouts of inspiration. I didn't have very many journals to record my thoughts in until recently; I have accumulated more writing materials since experiencing a surge in my blogging and book-writing. I did an inventory of all the journals, notebooks, drawing and writing pads that I owned and decided that I had enough of them to place in inconspicuous places around my house. A journal on the bottom shelf of my living room bookcase, a notebook behind my cookbooks in the kitchen, and of course a writing pad on my night desk for those dreams to record that are fresh in my head upon waking.

I used to draw often and had a lot of drawing pads that were given to me as gifts and now I use them for writing out my poetry. The endless space on those large sheets of paper are excellent for writing more than one poem or even longer pieces. As a writer, I never know when I will be taken to a place that guides me to write something and I enjoy making provisions to ensure that I can do so. What also helps me is knowing that the poem or idea I was thinking of is actually recorded in one of my books! Bookmarks also help me to save the page I wrote on for the day as well as little sticky tabs. And later, when all is quiet and I have some down time, I will type what I have on my laptop. I can view it, play around with it, change it up or leave what I wrote just the way it is. Writing is a way of life for me; I navigate through situations with it; I feel it in my spirit and it is my calling, it needs nurturing and love!

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