Thursday, November 7, 2013

That beautiful feeling of completion

I just completed two major milestones in my life; writing and publishing two ebooks on Amazon. Although I haven't made millions over night, I have indeed become richer in my spirit. Knowing that I touched on parts of my life that held me captive emotionally has opened my heart to healing in amazing ways. My first book is titled; "The day I heard my father's voice" and is about me making an attempt to reconnect with my father after thirty years of estrangement. The small single memory I had of seeing him only once at age 3 created within me a story involving the unforgettable climax of how things transpired the day I talked with him. We honestly don't know how deeply we are affected by our emotions until we have times in our lives that force us to release those pent up feelings. And this was a story of triumph.

My other story, titled; "The silence of my baby's cries" was also a story of healing from the stillbirth of my son in 2009. I am thankful for the hearts that were touched by this book and for the courage that it took for me to share this part of myself with the world. I chose to use my son's picture as the cover of my book; and that was a huge step for me. I wasn't even able to look at his pictures for so long without crying and wishing I had him in my life. But one day, I took them out and looked over each one, and as I completed my story; I decided I would commemorate his memory by using his beautiful face as the cover of my book. I celebrated his short life by remembering him in my book and I also celebrate this final stage in the grieving process. 

I look forward to connecting with people through the books I have written as well as the books I am planning to write. We can all find solace in knowing someone else has been "there." It heals the spirit to share and be accepted for who you are and what you have overcome. Writing my books has set the ball rolling for many opportunities and I am open to wherever this road takes me. I look forward to writing more about my life, my triumphs, my struggles and how it all fits in the grand scheme of things.

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