Saturday, January 4, 2014

Growing inside and out


I took this picture of my little garden just a couple days ago when the sunshine was hitting it at just the right angle. There is a jade plant, aloe, marigold, begonia, two other flower plants and my tomato plant; growing so wild. I'm enjoying this project of growing and nurturing these beautiful plants; a true reminder of how miraculous life is. Isn't it amazing how a tiny seed situated in the depths of dark, rich and healthy soil can take root under the sun's energizing light and become a plant? No doubt that the elements; sunshine, rain and even wind are necessary to keep plants healthy, but so is love and patience. Love and patience is important when growing plants, and especially vital when it comes to ourselves. How much love and patience do we really have for ourselves? Do we give ourselves enough room to grow and blossom under the sun? One of my plants in particular; the begonia, began to look as if it was on it's last limb; literally. I was considering uprooting it as it was looking so hopeless, day after day. But something interesting began to happen! I noticed there were new, bright green leaves and flowers emerging amidst the dead leaves; showing me that it was still there, still growing. I smiled and I shared the happy news with my daughters. I thought about how I would have missed out on this beautiful transition with my plant if I had decided to uproot it. Patience in the process of our growth is so advantageous to our spirits; even at times that it may appear that we aren't growing, we always are. But we have to have patience and love; constantly encouraging ourselves and each other as we move through life. 

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