Friday, March 21, 2014

Writing is...

I was thinking deeply this week about what writing really entails. There truly is a risk in writing and sharing my most intimate thoughts with the world. There is a chance of rejection, there is a chance of misunderstanding, but what keeps me going is that chance of relating. I have experienced connecting with others through my words and it is a beautiful connection; it creates a bond between writer and reader. I don't group all of my readers in one category, some are curious, some have similar stories and want to share as well, in any instance, I treasure the connection. I thought of what books are to me and what I feel when I read a book and this is what I came up with.
"Books are endless thoughts, experiences, stories (fiction and non-fiction) and adventures spoken from the heart of whomever is writing."
Being a writer means exposing a little more about yourself each time you reveal your thoughts. It is a most humbling risk to take, but so worth it. Writing gives me the willpower to move through life more with fluidity; to take my experiences and share them; learn from them.

I have looked back on what I wrote and saw so much emotion coming out, but then I saw my spirit become lighter with every word written.

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