Thursday, June 5, 2014

Limitless possibilities

I'm so happy about how things are falling into place in my life; not so long ago I felt like I needed clarity to figure out what my next move was. I didn't feel like things were moving fast enough or in my favor. It seemed like there was a whirlwind of doubt surrounding me, and I was getting antsy.
It happens that way though, for when we can't see the whole picture, we feel helpless. What I needed to do was be still and know that everything would be fine. I sensed peace in the back of my mind, and the more I rested in it, I began to see things more clearly. But why did I worry? I know now that my life is full of tests and I have to choose how I will respond, sometime it's so much easier said than done, but my response now to things I cannot always control shows me how much I've grown...I love the growth that has been taking place in my life for what it is doing is revealing a deeper part of my soul that has been hidden. But now it is time to shine and shine brighter than I ever have before...The sun feels that much warmer to me, the sky seems so much more limitless and the possibilities to experience more growth in my life are as endless as the sea.

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